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I am saved from some irritation with television because I time shift (DVR) almost everything I watch – except for breaking news and Downton Abbey, which I insist on watching in real time. Remember that your real job here is to write stuff that fills the time between commercials."Too cynical. Free rides are going the way of Saturday mail delivery.

But as the years have gone by, actual programming -- which we writers used to call, “our time, our words, goddammit! Nearly every video clip, especially on Huff Po, now has a 20-30 second commercial preceding it, even if the clip is only 30 seconds long -- I read the text under the clip screen instead. Distracting pop-ups and animated advertising are everywhere. As futurist and author Aldous Huxley prophesied, we are becoming a people enslaved, not by what we fear but by what we love – this cornucopia of media conveniences digital gadgets and appliances. The vaunted supremacy of mobile media notwithstanding, the TV is still the gadget of choice in our home media centers. S has by far the highest number of TV ad minutes per hour in the industrialized world, two-to three times the minutes allowed in European countries, our cultural cousins.

The word “discretion” is code for an industry policing itself (har, har, har).

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The three-hour morning shows where the ads, teasers and bumpers consume as much as 35 minutes an hour give me acid reflux.According to journalist Rick Heldenfels, during the deregulation frenzy of the business-biased Reagan era, the FCC abandoned all commercial limits in prime time.Except for children’s television, this left the amount of commercial time per hour up to the discretion of the networks.This morning on the Today Show I counted 21 commercials within a 7-minute time span, broken up by a 3-minute piece of news content, I am not totally unrealistic, of course.I know that advertising pays for Suits, Castle, Elementary, The Good Wife and Persons of Interest, some of my favorites.

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