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The difference between the Standard and Deluxe is very small on the pegbridge versions.

The Rio Grande had a more ornate headstock, and was from around 1978 as part of the revised marking as the "Western" offering of six string pegbridge J-45 and this 12 string model.

It has rectangular pearl fret inlays instead of dots, fully bound headstock with Fleur de Lys, and a plain black pick-guard on a blonde body front. From the serial number, this example is from the mid sixties.

Yet another variation came to our notice in May 2005. This model was a smaller more shaped body, yet with all the depth of the standard model. Courtesy of was marketed under the Hagstrom Western range sporting the distinctive later Hagstrom headstock shape, rectangular pearl fret inlays, thread through bridge and tailpiece, and again plain black pick-guard on a blonde body front. See more info on the Hagstrom Fans Page and a link to Gordon Giltrap's own site.

SERIAL NUMBER 731568 I can't seem ta upload a picture so I will link a video of it in action. v=Pm70r7UJu44 -Steve For those interested: Just posted my Scanbass for sale on Ebay. Or call: 358417795064/Tommi : I´ve got one and I´m broke. I was looking at a similar guitar in a music store in Helsinki last year. Hagstrm Guitars sites often concentrate on Electric and Bass Electric Guitars, leaving the acoustics almost as an afterthought.Always remembering the appealing Scandinavian images of the late 60's early 70's, here we see a typical advertising photo There were kept when Bjarton the manufacturer closed. Karl Eric Hagstrom Jr confirmed this to me a while back.It is missing two plastic inserts out of the four nobs, otherwise a good as a 42 years old guitar can be IMHO. so if it's always possible could you send me some photos to see how she look like and tell me about the price you want. thank you, cheers from france, alain : : I AM LOOKING FOR A HAGSTROM SCANBASS. There were only 15 lefty's made in 1972 and this is serial number 1. IF ANYONE KNOWS WHARE I MIGHT FIND ONE-- THANKS-RHP : I've got one !

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