Daniele and nick dating

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Kail incorrectly interpreted “Nominee”, answering “Need to know basis”. Bids: Daniele 0, Jameka 0, Jen 0, Kail 0 and Zach 0. Item 4 - “Sloppy Summer” - Over the next 30 days, how many hours are you willing to eat nothing but slop? Bids: Zach 250, Jameka 480, Daniele 710, Jen 720, Kail 720, Zach was eliminated from the competition. Jameka and Kail cannot compete in the next five Ho H competitions. Veto Ceremony Jen used the Power of Veto on herself. The person to buzz in first must answer the question. Question 2: Which evicted houseguest stated "I was hoping that the other houseguests would all see that I was going to be an honest player. In each heat you will be asked to answer which percentage of Big Brother fans answered in a certain way. Question 5: What percentage of those polled said Zach was the sexiest bunny of all? The word or phrase will be the answer to a riddle that can be found on a rat hidden in the swamp.

Sure, doing a show where 25-plus beautiful women are fawning over you is enticing, and we’re not surprised he went that way. Paradise may be coming to an end this week, but thankfully I live in a slice of it // ???? // P.s obsessed with my new kinis from @lulifamaswimwear go check 'em out ???? #nopantsthurs #misslifestyler #sbcgetaway A photo posted by Jen Saviano (@jensav11) on Hey I already dated on national TV (fail), why not put myself out there on a dating app as well? Riddle: His heart rang like a bell for houseguest Daniele. They must transfer the tea to the tank at the end of their walkway as fast as they can, using a mini tea cup. Question 8: During the veto meeting, did Amber say my journey has been an amazing journey before or after she said obviously no one wants to be up in this chair, it’s a crappy feeling? The first houseguest to fill their tube with eight green balls and press the button on their podium wins the Power of Veto. Veto Ceremony Zach decided not to use the Power of Veto. If you answer correctly, you will take one step up the platform. Question 3: In the picture of “Name That Pie”, what was the blue team’s score? Answers: Daniele - Blue, Jameka - Grey, Zach - Blue. Question 5: In the picture of “Cutthroat Christmas”, how many houseguests were wearing sunglasses? Answers: Daniele - Mike, Jameka - Mike, Zach - Mike. Question 7: In the picture of the “Humpty Scramble”, how many swirl mats can be seen reflected in the window? You must put the face of the houseguest on the board that corresponds to the two clues around it. Once the face is on the board you must spin the wheel to find the corresponding number. Final Ho H Competition - Part 1 - “The Bunny Hop” Julie instructed the houseguests to hop on to one of the carrots and keep at least one hand on the key above them at all times. There are nine pieces of art and the houseguest with the most Big Brother Bucks at the end of the competition will win the Power of Veto. Jameka was the last to return and was eliminated from the competition. Riddle: Who could know he would be the fourth to go? Ho H Competition - "Big Brother Tea Party" Each houseguest is standing next to a teapot filled with 55 gallons of tea. The houseguests must collect only the green balls and stack them in their clear tube. The houseguest will be asked a series of questions about the photos. Question 4: In the picture of the competition known as “Shot For Shot”, what colour is Dustin’s shirt? Question 6: Who is wearing a bowtie in the picture of the competition “The Mad Hatter”? Question 8: Are there any rats in the cage of the picture of “Cat Scratch Veto”? Tiebreaker Question: What was the total number of houseguests in the 13 competition pictures on the memory wall? On the board are a series of clues that correspond to an evicted houseguest. Jury Vote Eric voted for DICK Jameka voted for DANIELE Dustin voted for DICK Jen voted for DANIELE Zach voted for DICK Amber voted for DICK Jessica voted for DICK Dick won Big Brother 8 by a vote of 5-2. Minutes after the competition began, Julie announced that the houseguest will need to hang like a bat, upside down, from the pendulums. Veto Competition - “Shot For Shot” Veto Players: Jessica, Daniele, Dick, Dustin, Jameka and Zach. The houseguests were separated into different parts of the house. Veto Ceremony Jameka used the Power of Veto on Jen. She explained that if at any point you fall off you will be eliminated. The last person hanging on will become the new Ho H. Nomination Ceremony Jessica nominated Daniele and Dick for eviction.

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