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But although brilliant, the team seems to have some lack in emotions.Love doesn’t seem to touch them on a personal basis. Filled with romantic thoughts and high confidence, she does not let these three men walk over her. With a lot of (il)logical statements she talks everybody under the table.It wasn't the actual age so much as the difference in life experience.She is a bubbly youngster just out of college, and he is a jaded middle-aged man with an increasingly ridiculous bowl cut.Yes, she confessed her feelings first, but instead of staring into space and crying after Byung Hoon ignored her, she told him to just man up and be more mature about the whole thing.In fact, every time he used a trick that would make most kdrama females freeze up (firing her, asking if she likes him, etc.), she turned the tables on him.

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Either that, or the producers realized that a title containing the term flower "boys" was a little misleading since both of the male leads are in their 30s (and Flower Boys Plus a Couple of Flower Ahjussis Dating Agency doesn't have quite the same ring to it).This series amps up the fun factor with a million different cameos from other kdrama stars.Since the series revolves around a dating agency, each new "case" features a new set of actors as the agency's romantic targets.These side stories were adorable, and they helped keep the show moving at a decent pace.I didn't notice the time dragging in the middle like I sometimes do because I was excited to see what each new case would bring.

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