Current updating stock prices dating chile

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(See below for an additional disclaimer regarding penny stocks.) I'm delighted to report that security technology firm Rekor Systems, Inc.(REKR), one of the Penny Stocks to Watch from my May list, managed to continue its spectacular performance through June and July, with a 167% rise over the past month alone.(ASM), one of last month's stock picks, saw significant gains, and I think this is just the beginning of what will be a big climb for the junior gold and silver miners.August will be marked by even more turning points for investors, in my view.Many of the stocks mentioned below were also profiled, traded, or otherwise discussed in the Peter Leeds Newsletter.

This month's edition of Penny Stocks to Watch contains some updates on a few of our picks from over the past four months, as well as some new penny stock ideas that we believe could prevail or even flourish in the tough economic conditions ahead.

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