Client computer not updating time easter schedule dating system

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Quick post to show how you can sync your domain controllers with external time source (time.or org for example).By default, all machines in the domain will sync time from the domain controller which is the internal time server – if you have more than one DC then time will sync from the DC that holds the PDC emulator FSMO role.If somebody changes those settings though, all bets are off.Yesterday, I got to dive into a computer that had been setup by a vendor and was receiving a different time than the domain computers even though it had been joined to the domain.When you start talking about time on endpoints, so much of it is perception.Enable a screensaver to kick on after 15 minutes and users will tell you that it locks the computer every 5 minutes until you take a stopwatch and time it.

The server can notify online clients to update components after it downloads the latest components, and offline clients when they restart and then connect to the server.

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Visit Stack Exchange Is your PDC Emulator getting a good external-to-the-forest time sync?

A configuration must have been changed manually somewhere, which meant I got to dive into all of these settings in order to track down where the change had been made.

Through the process, I documented some commands and registry keys that help troubleshoot Windows time issues.

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