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You appear engaged and therefore attract like-minded people, because they find you engaging.

It’s important to Sally that her clients understand that dating is an opportunity to learn more about yourself and the more you know and embrace and love about you, the more you'll have to give. They've been together since August, 2003, and in August, 2009 they got married.

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She's a winning combination of down to earth practicality, womanly wisdom and just plain fun! When she speaks one is drawn to pause..want to make sure that you don't miss a morsel!

Rob Hawk followed around the PRO-Athletes documenting there day promoting their new ...

See full summary » Directors: Rob Hawk, Gary Palmer When Tony Cupo (Cabrina Collesides) hits the open road to follow her dreams as a Model.

Sally went on forty-six first dates in six months with a wide array of quality men, and contrary to the avalanche of dreadful and life sapping dating stories she had heard about and partly expected, she had a ball.

Sally knows how to help clients love themselves, she guides self awareness, she crafts a process where women can genuinely define what they’re looking for in a mate, but most importantly, she preaches that the dating moment and journey have to be fun.

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