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Special internal sensors and a patented mechanism allow COMFORTEST, a new revolutionary technological mattress, to detect the posture and weight distribution of the person lying on it.All collected data is related to the different mattress parameters from the Lordflex’s range Lordflex’shop is much more than a shop.Our exclusive bearing-capacity simulator usually makes it possible to offer the best conditions to ensure such major objectives are reached.Lordflex’s has developed and patented an exclusive device with a technology – unique in Italy and in the whole world – that will find the perfect solution for your sleep requirements.While in the winter you’ll be feeling annoyingly cold.On the contrary, natural materials provide suitable body thermoregulation, perfect breathability and consequently improved hygienic conditions.It is a specialised space dedicated to the sale of sleeping systems where you can test the comfort of use, the perception and the suitability of the bearing capacities to your needs.

Thanks to its manufacturing excellence in the industry, our Company has been a point of reference for Italian as well as international Retailers for the past 50 years.Such a choice – which derives exclusively from the “price war” or the search for higher margins for the company – affects the performance, quality and thermal/hygienic comfort that all good mattresses should ensure.In the summer any synthetic fibre will cause an unnatural increase in body temperature, but also perspiration and discomfort in your sleep.On the contrary, LORDFLEX’S shows a number of different certifications (Woolmark, Italian Consorzio Produttori Materassi di Qualità, Catas, Cosmob etc), which testify to the origin and nature of the components of its products, and to the performance of resistance and durability laboratory tests.The current offer of mattresses on the market – from any company – consists only in products made from entirely synthetic fabrics and paddings.

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