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Thanks, Roberto Waltman[ Please reply to the group,return address is invalid ] There's an IOCTL value passed to your OEM Io Control handler in the kernel,in CE4.x and 5.x, called IOCTL_HAL_INITREGISTRY.

You can, when you processthat, set the values for the calibration constants that you recovered fromelsewhere.

Is this a reasonable approach, are there better options?

(I am surprised MS did not provide a function to do what seems to be avery common need...)Oh, forgot:to mention Wince 5.0 - A mixture of managed C# andunmanaged C & C code.

The project I'm working on, (like many others, judging from searchingthe group archives) has a volatile registry which means the touchscreen calibration is lost when cycling power.

I need to save the calibration data (to EEPROM) when the touch screenis calibrated, and restore it next time the system is powered up. From older posts I have learned I can to notify a waiting process that the calibration data hasbeen updated, or call Touch Calibrate() directly and save the newcalibration data on returning.

Thedriver also has an IOCTL that saves the calibration data after a calibrationis performed.

For others that may have similar problems, Platform Builder's helpdescribes in some detail the function: BOOL OALIo Ctl Hal Init Registry(UINT32 dw Io Control Code, VOID* lp In Buf, UINT32 n In Buf Size, VOID* lp Out Buf, UINT32 n Out Buf Size, UINT32* lp Bytes Returned); In my system I found it in%_WINCEROOT%\PLATFORM\COMMON\SRC\COMMON\IOCTL\reginit.c Thanks again, Roberto Waltman[ Please reply to the group,return address is invalid ] Unfortunately, you don't want to modify it there, however.

Modifying the PUBLIC code is almost always a bad idea (what if a QFE comes along later andundoes your changes?

The problem is the 2nd part: How and when to load the target specificcalibration data to the registry, so that the touch screen driver willuse it instead of the registry defaults?

Just updating the data in the registry when my application starts hasno effect.

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