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In Toy Story, Buzz Lightyear is given to a boy named Andy Davis from his mother as a birthday present.

Buzz believes that he is a real-life Space Ranger and not a toy modeled after the character, believing that it is his mission to protect the galaxy from the Evil Emperor Zurg and that his laser is a fatal weapon and his wings enable him to fly.

Although I'm sad to be leaving, I'm also very grateful and happy.

The looks of television actor Ed Kemmer are also believed to be a prototype for Lightyear.

Kemmer played Commander Buzz Corry in Space Patrol, one of the first science-fiction series on American television.

While imprisoned in Sid's house, Buzz Lightyear sees a television ad featuring himself and realizes that he is a toy and not a Space Ranger.

But when he tries to fly out of the window, he falls, causing him to break his arm.

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