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This is also discussed in more detail in the recent HM Treasury policy paper Financing growth in innovative firms: one year on. Trustees will decide whether to transfer a scheme into a superfund, subject to the eligibility conditions which may be imposed by regulation.

Before agreeing to the transfer they will need to see evidence that members’ benefits are better protected in the superfund than they would be remaining in the sponsoring employer’s scheme.

The corporate entity will become the statutory employer in the superfund; however, the ‘employer covenant’ will only extend to the limit of the capital buffer.

We envisage that a scheme within a superfund will continue to be classed as an occupational pension scheme, with the employer covenant replaced by a capital buffer provided by investors as well as potentially the ceding employers, and will be subject to the legislation and regulation appropriate to occupational pension schemes. Superfunds have some similarities to insurance, given that the traditional employer link is broken, and the protection for members’ benefits in the long term is provided by a capital buffer.If you want the information in your response to the consultation to be kept confidential, you should explain why as part of your response, although we cannot guarantee to do this.To find out more about the general principles of sector is working well and that the vast majority of members are likely to get their benefits paid in full.There is broad consensus around the need for a new legislative and regulatory regime to ensure superfunds operate as intended, including a requirement for all superfunds to be authorised.The aims of the superfund authorisation and regulatory regime will be that: This consultation sets out our proposals for how a future legislative framework for authorising and regulating superfunds might work.

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