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And for the record, it would be nice to see Bonds retire at 755, but the chances of that happening are as likely as Babe Ruth coming back from the dead to pitch a no-hitter in Yankee Stadium against the Red . For a large period of that time, however, it had been the elephant in the room.The Media and Steroid in Sport The element of steroid use in sport has been an issue for 20 years, from Ben Johnson's drug scandal at the 1988 Olympics in Seoul, to recent U. Many people, both in and outside of the media, knew or suspected that many athletes were bending the rules in order to gain a competitive advantage over their opponents. March 27, 2006 was the day that brought the issue of steroid use, particularly in baseball, to the attention of North America more than any other issue.The best example of this is the case of former Arizona Diamondbacks pitcher Jason , suspended from baseball for steroid use, named five high profile players who used steroids, including one of the best pitchers in recent history, Roger Clemens.This information was obtained through a leaked affidavit, and the story spread throughout the continent.The book, based on articles published in the paper in 2004, was the basis for America's premier sports magazine, .

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All sports are susceptible to this problem, not just baseball, and the media needs to evenly focus its attention on all of them.

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In relation to an article written by my father, Ted Griffith, in Friday's Hamilton Spectator and Ottawa Citizen regarding Barry Bonds' chase of Hank Aaron's record of 755 career home runs, I am now posting a condensed version of an article I wrote in December 2006 regarding the media's coverage of steroid use in sport.

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