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I'd say the dating game for Asian males in Boston is pretty tough.Boston is very diverse, but that actually works against you.I've read a few threads on city-data and reddit about how people in Boston may not be as open towards minorities in terms of making friends and dating.

I'm not saying its impossible but its a much more noticeable handicap than in Cali. And yes, the upper-middle Asian kiddos peak out in Boston after a T30 school and move to bigger Asian-enclave cosmopolitan city markets.

Boston has far more Asian men than white women willing to date Asian men (and many Asian women will date white men, so the pool of Asian women is also low), so you need to be on top of your game.

Look I've been born and raised in Boston and all I can say is go to the West in Cali.

That being said, I live in Cali now and it's so much better than Boston.

Seriously fuck Boston I will only go back to see my friend and his new baby, that place really sucks ass.

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