Are gretchen rossi and slade smiley still dating

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Gretchen said, “For a minute there I thought there might be a possibility that I would consider it, but I think we’re at the stage now in our life where it’s not really where we’re at anymore in our life. I feel like walking back into that would be like walking back into such a negative energy, such an ugly space and you don’t even realize how much you’re caught up in the negativity and the yuckiness of it.We’re just focused on some of the really exciting projects we have in the works right now.

She started off wanting four, but now she just wants to have one and see how it goes. Take a listen to the full interview on Scheana’s Podcast One page.“This past year we were acquired by this really amazing group of people.You work 8 years of your life to get to a point where somebody wants to come in and acquire you and take you to the next level where you can scale it up on a much bigger level than we could on our own. It was a very proud moment for me and my business.”Would they ever go back to RHOC?Gretchen says he had agents and publicists of “legit celebrities” calling him because their clients wanted to date him.back in the day and he says he was offered The Bachelor but he was not allowed back then because he was contractually bound to NBC Universal and Bachelor is an ABC show.

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