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"Her agent who got her fired from 3's Company is the same agent who got Farrah fired from Charlie's Angels." Jay Bernstein was only Suzanne's agent for a year or so.He was neither responsible for getting her the job or getting her fired.I was just thinking the other day how sad it is that MJ died at the same time and got all the attention in the press, while Farrah's passing went ignored for the most part.Here's an article from last year in which the author recounts a conversation with John Ritter about Suzanne Somers' cancer scare a few years ago.

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I really felt so badly because I love John Ritter and it was over a contract dispute that never should have infiltrated John and I..."In the beauty salon, the receptionist comes over and says, 'You have a phone call...

Why is Joyce De Witt still so bitter about shit that happened 35 years ago? The story has always been that Amy Yasbeck was the one who pushed them to reconcile.

I have no doubt Suzanne did some unprofessional things back then but how did it really affect Joyce in the long run? I don't know why she's changing it now; maybe Amy pissed her off.

Yes, we know she looks like shit now, but she's full of it too.

Apparently she was on The Talk recently and discussed her reconciliation with John Ritter:"We did (reconcile).

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