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First, a foil sticker containing a 4-digit serial number was affixed to the chassis over the A23373.

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His passing is a great loss to this research team and the Fender amp aficionado community in general.

The reverb not working could be a wide variety of things from tube problems, to a broken wire to dried out caps, etc.

Therefore the serial number doesn't fit the theory on serial numbers as it doesn't list a country of manufactor as the fourth digit so I wonder if it's pre-84 or how I can guess the age. With the Gemini 1, I'd try some brightish speakers, like a Celestion Vintage 30 or G12H30, an Eminence Swamp Thang.

Nevertheless, for dating purposes, the serial number provides adequate information during this period.

What happened had to do with the guitar company reorganizing their side of the company at the end of 2007.

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