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You're partly right to think that all you need is love but the other half of that is recognizing that to get to a place of unconditional loving requires a reawakening to a much different vision than the one you might currently hold.

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If you meet face to face it is going to be awkward because a) those on the spectrum are not used to social situations which are thrust upon us. It has happened me to me too many times before I know the risks of people and ulterior motives What would your advice be when entering a new relationship? We met on a dating website and haven’t stopped talking since.But he’s mostly right because you don’t know who is on the other side of the net.What you find happening around the world to a lot of people who have been jadded by the hardknocks of life, is an indifference at doing the right thing and at standing up in opposition to evil.These people become those who stand on the sidelines and watch pain and abuse spread but refuse to get involved. madness, mental illness, and corruption would be extinct.

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