All of the playlists selected for updating

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I wasn't told to, I just thought this would be the simplest option, rather than it performing a complicated merge.5. What’s makes this even stranger is that a playlist created on my i Phone and synced to the i Mac, is removed from the i Phone when I delete it from the Mac Has Apple managed to solve this yet? Both my Mac Book and i Phone are logged in with the correct Apple ID and i Cloud Music Library turned on but everything I do to playlists on my Mac Book does not sync with my i Phone.

I've spent weeks trying to get itunes and my iphone to correctly sync artwork and playlists.

For months, if I make a playlist on one, all of the songs appear on the others.

Since one of the recent updates, now if I make a playlist on my work computer, it appears on the my home computer and my phone, but it has zero tracks.

Let's say I create a new i Tunes smart playlist and tell it to give me the following: Rating is greater than 3 stars. When I right-click on the smart playlist name (or icon), there's an option to update the smart playlist... i Tunes keeps the same ten songs instead of updating it with 10 different random songs.

i Tunes gives me a smart playlist with 10 random songs.

It keeps creating a new name for one like this: Playlist A, then it creates Playlist A 1 and Playlist A 2Why?

Tony, To an i Tunes Smart Playlist, "Random" applies when the list has an opening.

If mobile data is already on, try to switch it off and on again (just a thought) after you have switched off i Cloud Music Library.4. Playlists, however, created on my i Phone to manage to sync with the the i Mac.

When I switched i Cloud Music Library on, I chose to delete any existing content. So the problem is that the playlists only sync 1 way.

I don't want to watch a full season in a row, I want it shuffled at random!

They used to work fine, but now it selects full seasons at random, rather than 25 episodes from all the seasons at random.

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