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“I did a lot of design-based subjects at school, and to me, it was a different medium to design in.

I don’t think I’ll ever grow out of it.” All you need to do to see Lego’s power over adults, he says, is to visit one of Bright Bricks’ exhibitions or events.

And there came a point when I realised: I’m doing this more for me than for him.

I’m getting more out of this than he is.” Richard is an AFOL – an Adult Fan of Lego.

“Lego allows me to get everyone to tell a story,” he says.

They are blown away by the Lego models that we make, and what can be done with something they remember from their childhood as being so simple.” Express yourself And these little bricks are also a hugely powerful tool for adults to express themselves in the workplace and beyond.

Jonathan Bannister is the founder and director of strategy at creative marketing and innovation consultancy Make Happy.

Like most children, Richard Selby played with Lego.

When he had his own children, he sat on the floor and played Lego with them.

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